India Solar sustainable products represent the latest in European style and technological advances. Our products are designed specifically to reduce energy consumption, in turn saving you money whilst helping to protect the environment without sacrificing a quality lifestyle.



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About India Solar Ltd.

India Solar Limited. is a leading Indian manufacturer of Solar water heaters, solar LED street Lights, Solar Power Plants and others solar products like Home lights, Solar Street Lights, Solar Lanterns and Solar Inverters India Solar is also engaged in providing the innovative turnkey renewable energy solutions for both commercial and domestic users across the globe.

India Solar is providing solar power plant solution from 1 Kilo Watt to Multi Mega Watt capacity grid and off-grid connected solar photovoltaic power plants to solar augmented carts and solar water heating solutions for industries and home. We are using new emerging technologies in light generating devices, India Solar has become pioneer in LED based Solar Lighting Systems and Solar Water Heater System

All products used by India Solar are approved and having the necessary and required certifications. Solar modules ranging from 3 Wp to 280 Wp are all IEC 61215 (II Edition) approved.

We design the customized solar water heating systems depending upon the requirements of the customers and the availability of space and other physical and climate conditions at site. India solar is having an in-house Auto CAD design team to best utilize the available space and provide the most efficient solar thermal solutions. India Solar has more than 2 Years experience in Solar Energy Product Development and Solutions

Benefits of Switching to Solar Power

  • Huge contribution in reducing your carbon footprints and Greener environment
  • Electrically Savings: Savings from 10 Lakhs to 24 Lakhs per Annum
  • Increased revenue for your business
  • 0% subsidy on project cost by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
  • Accelerated Income Tax Depreciation (80% IT Depreciation in 1st Year) • Protection against the ever increasing government supplied Electricity.
  • Protection against the ever increasing rate of Diesel and Gases for DG sets.
  • Low or negligible System Maintenance cost.
  • Free electricity for 35+ years.
  • Solar Modules Warranty up to 25 years.
  • Government subsidy available for 1 KW to 100 KW Power plant